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A world of 3-dimensional felt teeth where tooth faeries and cavity daemons battle each other and where smiles live in threat of tooth thieves; this has been brought to life in hangings, puppets and printed textiles. Embroidering decay and gum disease may be one way to bring home the real cost of neglecting their teeth to learning disabled adults.


Tales of Teeth, Part I

This innovative project began in 2015 and is a collaboration with Kent Community Health NHS Trust. It explores whether creating textile arts about caring for teeth can improve the dental health of adults with learning disabilities. It was part of a wider exhibition of textiles in 2015 at St Martin-in-the-Fields by East London Textile Arts.


Tales of Teeth, Part II: Gums

Tales of Teeth will be entering its second project, continuing the imaginative journey through mouths and oral hygeine, but now focusing on the importance of gums and how to maintain healthy gums.

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