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Dissecting Diabetes Part I:

Last year we produced two booklets, 'Looking After Your Teeth' and 'Tales of Diabetes, accompanied by an exhibition of the embroideries and artworks which illustrated them. The project was an imaginative exploration of what it feels like to have diabetes.


Organs have been embroidered along with miniature dinosaurs, who travel through a body discovering the wreckage diabetes has created. Sugar in the body, organs made into bags, life size puppets, (including one blind as a result of diabetes), fabrics printed with repeat organ patterns ready to be made into clothes, all feature in this show along with an informative catalogue explaining how the pieces relate to diabetes. The exhibition includes work by adults with learning disabilities.


Dissecting Diabetes Part II: The Diabetes Monster

The project continues, now working towards the publication of our next book, 'The Diabetes Monster'.

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