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Make Your Own Animal Embroidery

First select your outline image: Peacock | Elephant | Bird | Camel

You will need:

- Piece of cotton material
- Embroidery ring
- Textile crayon or pencil
- Cotton embroidery threads
- Needle
- Beads and Sequins
- Textile paints
- Tracing or thin paper
- Scissors

Trace your animal onto the cloth. You can tape the template onto a window pane and then tape the cloth on top and trace the animal outline with the textile crayon or penicil. On paper draw out a design for the blanket. Once you are happy with the design copy it onto the cloth with the textile crayon or pencil. Then begin sewing. Paint the remainder of the animal with textil paint. Finish by adding sequins and beads.

You can use this as part of a hanging or make your own bag or cushion or do whatever you like with your final design.

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