Newham Patchwork

2011 - 2012

Exhibition: St Martin-in-the-Fields, 2012

Started in 2011 to celebrate life in Newham during the Olympic year. A patchwork altar frontal is being made of embroidered images of people and buildings in the Manor Park area by St Barnabas Textile group. It is designed as a decorative altar cover to be used during the week when the church functions as a community space used by people of all faiths. The Newham Map is being made by Little Ilford Group as a celebration of the Year of the Olympics.


Roman Alphabet



In 2008 we began a project of Alphabets of the World with the Roman Alphabet. Each of the letters was embroidered with an accompanying British animal - some of which were mythic. It was done over a year by St Barnabas Textile Group meeting once a week during term time and taking work to do at home. The squares were then sewn onto a green backing cloth and made into a hanging. The separate pieces of embroidery were photographed and shadows cleaned off on the computer in order that they might be used in merchandising and book illustration.


Altar Frontal

An altar frontal was made for the Lady Chapel at St Barnabas church by St Barnabas Textile Group and ladies from The Tamil Centre. It is hoped that in the near future the wall behind the altar and the curtains at the back of the chapel can also be decorated to make a unified scheme of the entire chapel. The design centred around a painted and decorated image of the Mary and baby Jesus with arched borders of English wild flowers and birds (most of which were English, but some imaginary and then peacocks creeping in).


Arabic Alphabet

This was done in the same way as the Roman alphabet. No images were used to decorate the resulting alphabet. Instead we decorated octagons - a geometric shape much used in Islamic art and each participant decorating as they pleased. We made a separate hanging of the birds with more accompanying octagons. From the photographed letters a booklet was made to provide a basic introduction to the Arabic Alphabet which is for sale at the Newham bookshop.

Noah's Ark


Exhibition: Morley Gallery, 2011

Made over one year by Little Ilford Embroidery and Patchwork Group for little Ilford Baptist Church. It was shown at the Morley gallery in 2011 where a collector saw it and commissioned a second version for his collection of textiles.


Hindu Alphabet

Again took about a year to complete with all 52 Hindi letters being embroidered together with Indian animals and birds and Hindi Gods. It was embroidered by St Barnabas Textile Group together with ladies from The Tamil Centre in East Ham High St North. A simple introduction to Hindi booklet is currently being completed.


New Testament Hanging


Exhibitions: St Pancras Church, Euston, West Ham Festival, St Martin-in-the-Fields 2012

The New Testament Hanging was made by Little Ilford Embrdoidery and Patchwork Group. It has been shown in St Pancras Church, Euston and at the West Ham Festival and will be exhibited at our exhibition at St Martins-in-the-Field in May 2012. It is currently hanging in Little Ilford Baptist church. Designed by Sonia Tuttiett.

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