East London Textile Arts is an independent organisation working in East London. It was set up by local people of different faiths and ethnicities to make textiles that reflect the cultural diversity of the area.

A small project reliant on our own fundraising, we work in partnership with local community centres. We also have an outreach program aimed at people who cannot access mainstream creative opportunities for reasons of health, family ties or economic constraints.

Hellenic Exhibition
Deities, Beasts and Beauty
Hellenic Centre, 24th-27th September.

Lifesize puppets, textile hangings and costumes bring figures from Greek mythology to London in the latest exhibition by East London Textile Arts. Supported by the Hellenic Centre and inspired by ancient beasts and traditional Greek folk patterns, this exhibition creates the atmosphere and characters of some of the most famous Greek myths. Meet Poseidon, Hades, Medusa, the Sirens and more in embroidered and puppet form; walk among these figures and experience a textile immersion in the mythic Greek world.

This exhibition presents an innovative process of textile production and design: from initial embroideries of Greek beasts, deities, and traditional decorative motifs, repeat designs are made and printed onto fabric; this fabric is then used to make clothes and costumes for puppets. What starts off as unique and delicate embroidery is transformed into bold and striking printed clothes: Persephone wears her own pomegranate fabric, and Hades wear his Cerberus gown.

For the first time, visitors to the exhibition, can buy fabrics and commission bespoke items of clothing prompted by a fabulous mythic on-line fashion catalogue.

East London Textile Arts creates striking artwork within communities, and sells its cards and decorated papers at open days and craft shops in East London. 50% of its work is with adults with learning disabilities, and it collaborates with visiting artists while training unemployed young people.

For information about our weekly textile classes please visit our blog or email eastlondontextilearts@gmail.com tel 0208 471 2656.
All are welcome from beginners to highly skilled.

All information on textile resources and suppliers is on the links page.